Cameron Construction Services

We have a genuine commitment to quality and safety

At Cameron Construction, we have in place structures, policies and procedures developed by our board of directors and management team to ensure that operations are conducted safely and efficiently, without compromising output quality or environmental guidelines.

Cameron Construction
advanced construction specialists


Our large team of specialists has 30 years of experience in the construction industry. This is confirmed by the fact that we have done lot of high-quality work throughout PNG. Our employees are professional and highly qualified, and so you can be certain that the work that we do will be of highquality and long-lasting. Our engineering and technical knowledge allows us to implement complicated and major projects in an outstanding way.

Cameron Construction
Company Reputation


Our company reputation speaks for itself. We challenge ourselves by continually setting higher standards and working to achieve them. We prioritise honesty and open co-operation in everything that we do. We work directly with each of our clients to ensure quality is executed in every step. By using our resources, we control the process end-to-end, guaranteeing quality results.

Cameron Construction
Specialised construction and cargo equipment


At Cameron Construction, we own our specialised construction and cargo equipment to ensure work is done efficiently and professionally. We regularly update our technical park with new and modern equipment to guarantee that projects are completed on schedule.

Cameron Construction
Technical Construction Solutions


We provide a customised approach by working with each client to understand your needs and desires to determine the most effective construction solution. Our team consists of a wide variety of tenured building specialists who apply their expertise, accompanied with tested building solutions, to deliver your project results.

Preserving the Environment

Cameron Construction is committed to preserving and maintaining the existing environment for all stakeholders.

As part of our standard operating procedures, we are committed to preventing pollution and environmental damage, complying with the highest level of legislation and regulations available, to preserve PNG’s untouched landscape and natural environment.

We engage with local communities to understand and be considerate of their needs while working in remote areas of PNG. We understand their inevitable connection with the project outcomes and deeply respect their right to be considered within each project stage.

With this in mind, we ensure we undertake thorough and ongoing community liaison before and throughout our projects.


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